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We’ve made it easy to order the major wear components for your water intake system!

Parts wear out and break. The only way to minimize down time is to ensure you have the parts you need on hand to get back up and running.

For over 100 years Evoqua has been an industry leading source for Intake System OEM parts. Not only do we provide OEM parts for Evoqua brand equipment, but we are your OEM parts provider for USFilter®, Rex®, Link-Belt®, FMC®, Envirex ®, and Siemens.

In the Intake System Maintenance Checklist, our experts outlined 10 routine checks to add to your maintenance schedule to ensure your water intake system is operating at peak performance. They’ve now identified the 7 most common wear components you should have on hand.

Fill out the form and let us know the parts you need. We'll respond to your inquiry within 24 hours and help place your order. 

Don't see the part you need to order listed on this page? Contact one of our sales representatives to order it!

Part to haveQuantity to have on hand
Spray nozzles 2 nozzles
Main carrier chain 10 ft. of each (left and right)
Drive chain 1 strand
Tooth inserts 6 inserts (enough for one head sprocket)
Baskets (with mesh installed) 4 baskets
Mesh screen inserts 4 inserts
Non-metallic seal plates 8 plates

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